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    Our company has established in Year 2008 with a mission to deliver quality "IT Infrastructure Performance and Knowledge/Data Management Solutions" to Thai customer. We are leading solution provider for IT Application and Corporate Performance Management Solutions.

    Infrastructure & Application Performance Management
    Provide ability to Detect > Diagnose > Resolve
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    Windows Infrastructure Management
    Migration, Backup, Recovery, and Archiving Technology
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    Knowledge/Data Management
    Full Loop Data Warehousing/Business intelligence/ETL
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    Industry Partner:

    • Quest Software Inc.
      Thailand Master Distributor
    • ORACLE Hyperion implementation Service
    • SAP & Business Objects






    IMPro Asia Co., Ltd.
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    IMPro Asia Co., Ltd.
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  • Quest Product Guide

    Application Management
    Foglight® JClass® JProbe® Stat® Performasure®
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    Database Management
    Foglight® Performance Analysis Toad®
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    Virtualization Management
    Workspace vFoglight Storage Horizon®
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    Windows Management
    Migration Collaboration Services
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    Data Warehouseing, Business Intellegance, and ETL

    • DW and BI Consulting based on ORACLE/Hyperion, SAP/Business Objects, SAP, BW and Qlikview
    • ETL Program Design and Consulting based on IBM DataStage (InfoStage and Quality Stage) Software
    • Financial Consolidation, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting based on ORACLE/Hyperion Software
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  • Product Overview

    Turn Machine Data into Real-time Visibility, Insight and Intelligence Powerful search, analysis and visualizations. Thousands of enterprise customers. Quick to get started. - Splunk Enterprise is the platform for machine data. It's the easy, fast and resilient way to collect, analyze and secure the massive streams of machine data generated by all your IT systems and technology infrastructure. Troubleshoot problems and investigate security incidents in minutes (not hours or days). Monitor your end-to-end infrastructure to avoid service degradation or outages. Gain real-time visibility and critical insights into customer experience, transactions and behavior. Make your data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone.

    Make Your Machine Data Accessible, Useful and Valuable

    Operational Intelligence Solutions
    Your data contains a definitive record of your user transactions, customer behavior, machine behavior and fraudulent activity. This information is essential for managing, securing and auditing your environment—whether physical, virtual or in the cloud. This data also enables you to gain end-to-end visibility and insights on to how to better run IT and the business. Start by using Splunk Enterprise to address one specific solution area. Then leverage it and your machine data to solve other pressing problems over time.

    A majority of the Fortune 100 and more than 4,400 enterprises, service providers and government organizations in more than 80 countries use Splunk software. Troubleshoot application problems and investigate security incidents in minutes instead of hours or days, monitor and alert to avoid service degradation or outages and deliver compliance at lower cost. With Splunk organizations are far more effective—all with far higher productivity, lower costs and with new insights that contribute to both the top line and bottom line.

    Application Management

    Monitor and troubleshoot your development and production applications.
    Application Management
    Service-Oriented Architecture
    WebSphere Applications Management
    Application Development

    IT Operations Management

    Provide instant visibility and analysis across all your servers and network devices from one place.
    Change Monitoring
    Network Management
    Server Management
    Server Virtualization Management
    Desktop Virtualization Management
    Service Desk


    Improve your security posture, identify threats and speed incident investigations.
    Splunk App for Enterprise Security
    Advanced Persistent Threats
    Log Management


    Meet the requirements of multiple compliance mandates in a single system.
    SEC Compliance
    PCI Compliance
    HIPAA Compliance
    FISMA Compliance

    Big Data

    Make big data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone. Deliver reliable integrations with Hadoop.
    Splunk Hadoop Connect
    Splunk App for HadoopOps

    Business Analytics

    Harness your machine data to gain valuable real-time insight for IT and the business.
    Business Analytics
    Web Intelligence

    Cloud Solutions

    Improve service levels, offer new services and provide valuable insights to your business team.
    Cloud Consumers
    Cloud and Managed Service Providers

    Microsoft Solutions

    Gain deep insight into your Microsoft Windows servers, desktops and applications.
    Splunk App for Microsoft Exchange
    Splunk App for Active Directory


    Splunk is helping customers solve an incredible range of problems outside of traditional IT.
    Green IT
    Scientific Data

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  • So What is AppDynamics?

    AppDynamics is a new kind of application performance management solution. It’s specifically designed for the new environments of today, which have more moving parts and a higher rate-of-change. We can help application support teams manage these challenges, while still being incredibly easy to use

    Java Monitoring

    AppDynamics gives you unique real-time visibility of how your applications perform inside many of the industy-leading Java application servers like Weblogic, WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat, Glassfish and others.

    .NET Monitoring

    AppDynamics gives you unique real-time visibility of how your .NET applications perform inside Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Windows Azure.

    Cloud Computing

    AppDynamics provides powerful solutions for monitoring cloud-based apps, whether public or private—ensuring their cloud-based performance, and leveraging cloud bursting.

    Big Data

    AppDynamics provides comprehensive support for leading NoSQL and Distributed Caching technologies.


    AppDynamics gives you a powerful solution for monitoring and managing the complexity and service levels of your SOA environments.

    Agile Operations

    Unlike any other solution, AppDynamics provides visibility into application change as it occurs, enabling operations teams to support agile releases.

    Developers and QA

    Align Dev, QA, and Ops with a powerful solution that can be used in all your application environments.

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  • Infrastructure & Application Performance Management

    • Provide ability to Detect > Diagnose > Resolve Application and Database Performance bottleneck in a short period of time before the problem contact impact the customer or end-users.
    • Provide visibility and help IT manager as well as business user to better understand their "Business Application Service Level through a Business SLM Dashboard" so manager can proactively resolve the issue before the problem become critical.
    • Improve and Optimize Complex Database Environment through an "On-line Database Reorganization" with out any impact to end-users.
    • Assist Development team to quickly Deliver better SQL Statement, Program, Code, and Complete their Testing from database and application point of view before going into production stage
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  • Windows Infrastructure Management

    Migration, Backup, Recovery and Archiving Technology
    for Active Directory, MS Exchange, and MS Sharepoint.
    Active Directory Service Automation helping client to achieve better security,
    audit ability, and expending reliable AD service for Unified Communitcation at ease.
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  • Knowledge/Data Management

    • Full Loop Data Warehousing / Business intelligence/ETL Design and Build Consulting
    • Coporate Performance Management Application such as Planning Budgeting and Forecasting and Financial Consolidation Application
    Activity Based Costing (ABC/M) and Profitability Analysis Model Design and Build
    BSC and KPIs application consulting services
    Risk Management application consulting services
    SAP SEM & BW Consulting services
    Sap Functional and ABAP Services
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  • Knowledge/Data Management

    Foglight® reduces or eliminates service disruptions to unify IT and the business. Unlike other solutions, It provides a correlated, 360-degree view of your applications--from end user to database, and from service levels to infrastructure. Foglight sources the root cause of all incidents impacting your business and resolves them quickly.
    JClass® provides industry-standard Java components for JEE and JSE, including charts, data visualization components and reporting, to boost developer productivity and ensure optimal code quality.
    JProbe® is a powerful performance tuning solition for Java that helps quickly discover, diagnose and resolve performance issues in JEE and JSE applications down to line-level root cause
    Performasure® diagnoses pre-production performance issues in multi-tiered JEE applications,
    combining end-user transactional data with infrastructure metrics to measure, analyze and maximize application performance.
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  • Database Management

    Performance Management
    Foglight® Performance Analysis
    Foglight® Performance Analysis offers an extensive workload analysis solution for diagnosing and tuning database instances and factors affect application behavior. It transforms performance management into faster, easier and more efficient experience. Performance Analysis is availiable for Oracle and SQL Server.
    Quest Performance Tuning Suite for Sybase ASE
    (Adabtive Server Enterprise) Quest Performance Tuning Suite for Sybase ASE allows DBAs to diagnose, optimize and mangement database performance via visual, real-time diagnosetics, automated SQL optimization and analysis of SQL performance changees.
    Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle
    Quest SQL Optimizer for Oracle validates database code to ensure the best possible performance. It scans and analyzes SQL, then identifies potential performance issues directly from running SQL statement, PL/SQL or other source code. SQL Obtimizers explore every possible way of improving SQL Performance, and either proves that top-performing SQL is already in place or provides you with the best alternative.
    Quest SQL Optimizer for Sybase
    Quest SQL Optimizer for Sybase offers SQL diagnosis, optimization and management for improved performance. Impact investigations of indexing strategies and SQL statement updates ensure an understanding of how changes will affect database performance prior to implementation.
    Quest SQL Optimizer for ASE allows developers to maximize the performance of database code via powerful data querying and automated SQL obtimization.
    Spotlight® is a powerful operational monitoring and dianostic, tool that isolates database performance problems in real time and displays all database activity in an intuitive interface.
    Spotlight ensures faster problem resolution without the need for customized scripts or cumbersome ultilities. It is available for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase environments.
    High availability
    Shareplex® for Oracle
    Shareplex® for Oracle is the leading low impact, real-time database replication solution that supports high availability, reporting, data movement and application integration on Oracle databases.
    Development and Administration
    Benchmark factoryt® for Databases
    Benchmark factoryt® for Databases is a multi-platform database performance and code scalability testing tool that simulates users and transactions on the database and replays production workload in non-production environments. Through industry-standard benchmark testing, this tool ensures the best possible performance from databases, application and new hardware deployed to production.
    Quest Code Test for Oracle reduced the risk of bugs making their way to QA or production by providing practical and through code testing. This relieves developers of the burden of writing and maintaining thousands of lines of test code.
    SQL Navigator® for Oracle
    SQL Navigator® for Oracle helps PL/SQL developers deliver high-quality applications in less time by automating common development tasks through an easy-to-use graphical interface. It combines simple navigation, a smooth workflow, advanced drag-and-drop PL/SQL editing and performance optimization. It's a complete solution that significantly reduces development time and plan.
    Toad® is a powerful, low-overhead tool that makes database and application development faster and easier. It also simplifies and automate day-to-day database administration tasks. Toad is available for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 LUW, DB2 z/OS and MYSQL. It offers features to make developers, DBAs and business analysis more productive than ever before. Quest also offers a one-stop resource for education, expertise and collaboration at
    Toad® for Data Analysis is designed specifically for IT and business professionals who need to access, understand and report on their data from any data source in their organization. It eliminates manual tasks associated with data gathering, comparision and documentation. In addition, the tool enables users to quickly deliver the insight to make effective business decision.
    Toad® Data Modeler is a multi-platform database design and modeling tool that supports the individual DBA and developer. Its customizable interface and powerful features enable users to design and reverse engineer databases as well as deliver documentation, while supporting best practices to ensure database efficiency and performance.
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  • Virtualization Management

    a virtual desktop management suite, provides solutions for provisioning, deploying and managing a virtual desktop environment. It is flexible across VDI, terminal services, and physical blade PCs, and supports wide range of hypervisors.
    significantly reduces the time and effort spent converting servers th the VMWare, Microsoft or Virtual Iron platforms. It enables fast, easy and reliable conversions without disrupting the source physical system during the conversion process.
    provides performance monitoring, capacity planning, and chargeback to help organizations mitigate the impact of resource sharing, optimize resource utilization, and recover infrastructure costs.
    vRanger Pro
    vRanger Pro is the market-leading backup, recovery and backup management solution for virtual environments. It offers plug & play modularity and a service-based architecture.
    vRepicator supports disastor recovery strategies with affordable replication of virtual servers. Built for short and critical recovery time objectives, it replicates the entire virtual machine, including configuration settings, operating system patches, and the application themselves.
    Storage Horizon®
    Quest® Storage Horizon® provides you with a unified view of current and projected storage. Using the insight, you can maximize the utilzation of existing and future storage assets and reduce storage spending up to 40%
    vOptimizer Pro
    vOptimizer Pro is the only avaliable storage optimization solution that automatically finds and reclaims over-allocated VM storage and then realigns 64K partitions on optimize VM performance.
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  • Windows Management

    Manage Active Directory
    Collaboration Services displays calendar details, free/busy information and global address lists in existing Outlook clients. It also provides secure synchronization with administrative control.
    Domain Migration Wizard
    Domain Migration Wizard enables migration to Active Directory, consolidation of Windows NT domains and splitting of Windows NT domains.
    Migration Manager for Active Directory
    Migration Manager for Active Directory simplifies Active-Directory-to-Active-Directory migration and supports Active Directory re-design.
    Recovery Manager for Active Directory FOREST EDITION
    This solution simplifies the requirements for recovering the entire forest in the event of forest-wide curruption.
    Spotlight on Active Directory Pack
    Spotlight on Active Directory Pack Provides real-time diagonosis, troubleshooting and resolution of all problems related to Active
    Audit and Reporting
    InTrust collects, stores, reports and provides alerts on event data from heterogenous systems, as well as controls changes to Exchange, AD and GPOs.
    InTrust Plug-in for Active Directory InTrust Plug-in for Active Directory audits, reports and provides alerts on all domain controller activity, as well as details all changes to Active Directory and Group Policy.
    Raising Efficiency
    ActiveRoles™ Exchange Resource Forest Manager
    ActiveRoles™ Exchange Resource Forest Manager Synchronizes the provisioning and security settings between a user account Forest and the Exchange resource forest. It also provides a single interface for user account management
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